– Handbag Types –

When speaking of the handbag as a fashion accessory, note that most often a handbag is categorized in accordance to the bags silhouette & handle type. According to Faye Kotsis, who happens to be from Australia, with international fashion magazines so readily available in almost any country, no handbag fashionista gets left behind. You can follow fashion observations on Facebook if you wish.

The current popular fashion handbag silhouette trends of the moment are :

– The Baguette – This rectangular purse is small & narrow. It resembles a loaf of bread, a baguette.

– Barrel – This bag is shaped like a closed tube or barrel & it usually has a shoulder length strap.

– Bowling bag – Made very popular in the 90’s this bag is still worn as a retro style by young women this bag was modeled after a bag used to carry a bowling ball.

– Bucket bag – This bucket shaped bag came in a medium as well as large size & usually came with a drawstring to close it & a shoulder strap.

– Clutch – Often used as an evening bag but not exclusively this rectangular handbag has no handle & is clutched by the by the person carrying it.

– Doctors Bag – Victorian age doctors made house calls. This stylish accessory is modeled after a bag which was carried on by such a doctor.

– Drawstring – Closing with a drawstring at the top this purse is a popular evening bag & comes with either a shoulder or wrist length strap.

– Half Moon – Enough Said.

– Hobo – This modern casual bag is medium in size with a zipper on the top often has a dip or slouch in the middle.

– Lighted – People have attempted to light handbags since the 50’s with very little or no success but recently we have seen some lighted handbags that were functional hit the market & find some success.

– Messenger bag – a single long strap which is worn across the body. This style has been inspired by messengers delivering mail throughout America today.

– MinaudiĆ©re – rectangular & small this bag is usually hard & is held sometimes inside of a soft fabric bag serving as a sleeve.

– Muff – A bag made for winter which usually made of fur, velvet or wool & has zipper compartments & an opening to slip your hands into.

– Pocketbook – Small rectangular purse.

– Pouch – A small bag like a money bag or tea bag.

– Saddle – This bag often has equestrian effects & even hardware to emphasize the saddle shaped appearance of the bag.

– Satchel – Usually leather this case is soft sided.

– Trapezoid – Usually stiff material & always shaped like a trapezoid.

– Weapon bag – Used to transport weapons.

Handbags categorized by handle are referred to as:

– Tote – A bag with an open top & 2 straps. This can be found in medium & large sizes.

– Cross Body – A log strap running across the body with the bag coming to rest in the front by the waist.

– Shoulder – A purse or bag with shoulder length straps.

– Sling – 1 long wide strap crossing over the whole body with the bag resting on the back.

– Clutch – no straps or handles at all.

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